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During year 10, 11 and 6th Form, your son will experience a number of presentations and opportunities from professionals representing a wide range of career and work sectors.

Advice & Experience
As such the following individuals (Mostly Old Boys) have offered to make themselves available for boys to contact regarding specific career paths:

Finance – David Stearn, Affinity Private Wealth.
Police – Jo Carter – Community Police Liaison Officer.
Accounting – Chris Cotillard – Accountant, Alex Picot.
Construction – Nathan Birch – Project Manager, Camerons.
Ambulance – Nathan Judge – Paramedic.
Armed Forces – Army –
Leisure – Scott Ward, Aquasplash
Hospitatlity – Steven Hayes – Hotel Christina.
Catering – Mark Jordan – Mark Jordan at the Beach
Engineering – Steve McCann, Oakhurst Garage
Retail –

Want to study in the UK?
University Search
University Guide
UCAS Applications

Ever thought of University in the USA?

Living Abroad / Travel
Financial Support
Place not dependant on Final Grades
Sports Scholarships
Flexible Study

These are just some of the advantages of going to University in the USA.

More and more students are looking to study in the US, in Jersey we have contacts with several agencies that can help facilitate entry into the US university system. One key element is SAT testing which universities use to assess potential students. These agencies advise, guide and tutor this testing along with the rest of the application process.

Some universities in the US offer significant financial support for international students which can extend to covering the cost of flights and travel.

If you would like to know more please speak to Mr Woodward or Miss Eastwood. You can also read more at the following websites:

General / Academic Applications:
Sports Applications:
Football Applications:

School Day
8.30am – Boys at School
8.45am – 9.40am – Period 1
9.40am – 10.35am – Period 2
10.35am – 10.50am – House Period
10.50am – 11.10am – Break
11.10am – 12.05pm – Period 3
12.05pm – 1.00 pm – Period 4
1.05pm – 1.35pm – Lunch
1.40pm – 2.35pm – Period 5
2.35pm – 3.30pm – Period 6
3.30pm – Boys Leave School

Student Information

All pupils have a right to learn
All teachers have a right to teach
Everybody has a right to fair treatment
Everybody has a right to safety

It is the responsibility of all of us to make sure that we behave in a way that means everybody can enjoy these rights

De La Salle College is housed on a restricted site and therefore we must have rules concerning how we use and move around in these buildings. Please read carefully the following information so that you clearly understand what the School Rules are asking of you.

Always be aware of the nearest Fire Exit.
Pupils should queue sensibly when waiting to enter a room.

Pupils should only go to the Staff Room in the case of an emergency orunless asked by a member of staff to report to her/him. Duty staff are available in the different areas of the school should a student have a particular concern.

Walk not run when moving between lessons and pick up litter at all times.

The car park areas.
Behind the gym complex.
Behind the Science Block, Sports Hall and behind the Jubilee Building.
Gym, Sports Hall & Games hall without staff supervision.
In front of Administration Building.

Pupils are expected to:
Be sensible and considerate.
Be patient.
Wait when necessary in an orderly manner.
Be properly dressed at all times during the school day.
Walk not run when moving between lessons.
Pick up litter at all times.
Leave classrooms tidy at all times.

A bus service is provided to and from the various parishes.
Bus tickets/season tickets are on sale from various retail outlets such as Spar, Stampers, garages, etc. and also Public Services’ Office at Sand Street Car Park.
If you are using the school bus you must make sure you arrive at the Gym promptly after dismissal from lessons.
The school insists on the highest standards of behaviour from students using the buses.

If you have a dental or doctor’s appointment, you must show your note or card to your House tutor in advance. They will sign it and then you can show it to your subject teacher who will let you go at the right time. You must retain the note or card, showing it to the School Secretary or Receptionist as you leave and explain where you are going and why, so that the school knows where you are in the event of an emergency.

ALWAYS SIGN OUT BEFORE LEAVING THE SCHOOL PREMISES during the school day. On returning to school you must go to the School Office and SIGN BACK into the school.

If you are hurt in school a teacher must be informed. If it is at break time then if possible tell the duty teacher. If not, then any available teacher. If they send you to the Medical Room you must go to the School Office in order that, where necessary, first aid can be administered. In the case of a serious injury then an ambulance will be called and your parents contacted by the administrative staff. Should you be taken ill during the school day permission to go home may be given. Your parents will be informed by the School Secretary and they will be expected to collect you.

You must remember that it is your parents’ responsibility to administer medicine. If you need to take regular medication or use an inhaler, your parents must inform your Head of House in writing. The medicine can be kept in the School Office provided the following procedure is followed:

The smallest, practicable dose should be brought into school labelled with your name and clearly written instructions.
The medicine must be handed into reception immediately on entering the school premises.
You must administer any medicine in the reception area.
The medicine must be self-administered if at all possible.
You must remember to collect the medicine at the end of the day.


Please remember:
Packed lunch must be taken in the Eating room provided.
It is a privilege, not a right, to use the buildings at break times and lunchtimes. Please do not abuse it.
Sit on chairs, not tables.
Don’t lean back on chairs or put your feet on them.
Leave other peoples property alone
Leave rooms tidy, free of litter and furniture in its proper place.
Walk, don’t run in the buildings.
Be quiet, sensible and helpful.

Only Heads of House may give permission.
The rules are in the Health and Safety Policy.
All students out of school at lunchtime are representatives of the school.
All boys who have lessons at Beaulieu, JCG or VCJ must return immediately to De La Salle.

If you find any lost property please hand it in to reception.
If you lose any property please go to the School Office to see if it has been handed in.
It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure that all items of uniform and equipment are clearly marked with their son’s name.

All boys will be provided with a locker in which they must keep all text books, exercise books and any personal items. It is their responsibility to ensure that the locker is secured at all times.

Do not bring valuables or large amounts of money into school. “iPods” etc. and mobiles may be brought in, but must not be used during the day and must be secured in lockers during the day. The school does not accept any liability or responsibility if these items are stolen or lost. Phones will be confiscated if they are used in lessons etc and handed in to Reception. They may be collected at the end of the day. However, a record is kept and persistent offenders will have the phone retained at the discretion of the teacher concerned.

Boys cycling to school must have passed the Cycling Proficiency Test. The cycles must meet all requirements of the law. NO CYCLING is permitted in Wellington Road or any part of the school grounds. All boys cycling to and from school must wear a safety helmet. There is a small bike shed to accommodate bicycles next to the gymnasium. You are expected to lock your bicycle. The school cannot take responsibility for any bicycle that is tampered with or stolen during the school day.

Buses are provided to and from the various parishes on the Island. In the interests of safety, the maintenance of goodwill with the bus company and for the benefit of the local community, the school insists on the highest standards of behaviour by students who use the buses. All boys who use a school bus to go home at the end of the day should wait at the gym at 3.30pm where they will be told by a Mr Turner when to walk down to a Duty Member of Staff who will be waiting at the buses. All boys may go straight to the buses at 3.40pm.

When waiting for buses there should always be an orderly queue. In the interests of safety stand back from the bus doors until the bus has stopped and the member of staff or bus driver beckons you forward.
When travelling on the bus ensure that you are well behaved in order that the driver is not disturbed.

In order that no extra work is given to the bus company or the driver please do not drop litter or damage the fabric of the bus in any way as this will lead to the school taking action.
Food and drink should not be consumed on buses.
Remember to be courteous to the drivers and the staff on duty. Quite simply, we expect students using school buses to behave sensibly.
Girls and younger students MUST board the buses first

The school insists on the highest standards of behaviour from students using the buses at all times. Connex and/or the College reserve the right to ban students from the school bus service if they do not behave in an appropriate manner. In addition, Connex can apply a ban on ALL of their bus services.

Sixth Form Information