Senior School

De La Salle College is known throughout Jersey for its strong community values, the friendly atmosphere that pervades the school and the excellence of its all-round education. Our boys achieve academically, develop life-long friendships and learn to provide service to all who need our help. In addition to young Catholics we have boys here who belong to other Christian traditions, and other faiths, and we encourage all of them to play a full part in the spiritual life of the school.

We achieve high academic results and provide exceptional pastoral care. The school’s thriving academic life stretches the exceptional students and provides structured support for the less able. We are proud of our success. Our boys do well academically, excel on the games field, create inspiring music, provocative art and develop in many different ways through the enormous variety of activities we provide for them.

However, we are interested in more than success that can be measured through certificates and trophies. A Lasallian education provides our boys with the moral principles and the generosity of spirit that guides and supports them through life in a world filled with moral uncertainty.

Unique amongst other schools in the Channel Islands we are part of the International De La Salle Order which provides Christian education to over a million boys worldwide. Our boys travel widely on sports tours and educational visits to our communities in Malta, Canada, Europe and the USA.

We are very proud of our Lasallian family here in Jersey and I hope that as you browse through this site you will develop an understanding of our special Island school.

Jason Turner

Headteacher of the Senior School

All boys are placed in a House, often the same one as their Father, Uncle, Grandfather or Brother. These House groups from the basis of our Pastoral Care system under the guidance of a Tutor and Head of House.

Peary House is inspired by the prominent Polar Explorer Robert Edwin Peary. Peary was described by Polar Historian Fergus Fleming as “…undoubtedly the most driven and possibly the most successful man in the annals of polar exploration….” and was honoured by the Royal Geographical Society of London for his “tenacity.” These characteristics and attitudes are at the heart of Peary House as we strive to achieve excellence regardless of the challenges we may face.
We acknowledge that Robert Peary was a child of his time and his treatment of the Inuit tribes he encountered on his explorations was not always fair or humanitarian. Our house distances itself from these obvious failings.
Within Peary House is a wealth of talent and aptitude, particularly within the arts and sciences, yet historically our most prominent strength lies in the sporting field, which is where many of Robert Peary’s qualities can be noted in our young men. Due to our ongoing successes in a variety of events throughout the School.
We take great pride in our friendly atmosphere and sense of community spirit. One of our main values is that of equality and we expect all of the boys to take pride and enjoyment in their roles as representatives of their House.

Rhodes House takes its name from the English financier, statesman and empire builder, Cecil Rhodes who was born on 5th July 1853 and spent much of his time in South Africa. After his death in 1902, Rhodes left a will that created the most successful educational endowments of all time; The Rhodes Scholarship. This was set up with the aim of encouraging academic excellence and enables people from throughout the world to study at Oxford University.
Cecil Rhodes also leaves another legacy, one that has emerged in recent years. As a college, we distance ourselves from Rhodes as an empire builder and some of the actions in Southern Africa that were carried out in his name.
The boys of Rhodes are all based in the Jubilee building at De La Salle, which enables us to develop a support network across all the Year groups. The boys are able to eat and socialise together during their break and lunch and have access to their own dedicated computer suite. We encourage all areas of talent within the House, and most importantly we promote the participation of Rhodes’ members in all Inter-House and charity events. This year the boys have organised and ran a five-a-side football tournament and a Sweet Jar competition, helping three local charities in the process.
We wish for Rhodes House to be at the centre of all that is good at De La Salle College and hope our members live the values of our founder. Any house is only as good as its members and we hope the students will take pride in all that they do.

Scott House drives it name from the great explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott aka Scott of the Antarctic. We draw on Scott’s attributes as a great leader and explorer and try to use them on a daily basis. At the same time we are also aware that part of Scott’s legacy remains disputed. His mission to the Arctic did not achieve his original aims. Whether this was down to miscalculation or simple misfortune remains the subject of historical debate.

Scott’s House Aims are:
To compete in every event with as many participants to the best of our ability; to work collectively as a community; to look out for each other with the senior members acting as role models; to be the best house in De La Salle. Historically Scott House has been strong in the Arts and Sports however recent success has come from Pastoral related competitions. Scott House is based entirely on one floor making it a vibrant friendly atmosphere with shared eating rooms at lunch building an inclusive house.

We take our name from Henry Morton Stanley, Victorian adventurer and journalist famous for his exploration of Africa and his search for the missionary David Livingstone.
Some of Stanley’s character traits, like endurance and bravery are qualities we value and encourage at De La Salle. This is why his name was chosen back in 1917.
In modern times however, we also must acknowledge some of Stanley’s obvious failings. Recent years have shed new light on some of Stanley’s claims. His violent record is one the college does not wish to identify with. He remains a disputed figure in the history of African exploration.

Academic Life
The curriculum at De La Salle Senior School is designed to provide a broad and balanced education for boys, where all are given an opportunity to study a wide range of subjects. All students follow a broad, extended and enriched curriculum using the National (Jersey) Curriculum as a base. Through high quality teaching and resources, we aim to provide an inspiring experience to our boys and to encourage in them a love of life-long independent learning. Cultural activity and tours, which includes sport, music and Art are an important part of the curriculum and all boys have extensive opportunities to participate.

The study of Religious Education is central to the curriculum at De La Salle College. Respecting the beliefs of non Catholic boys and the consciences of all, we aim to communicate and share a lively, articulate and critically aware Christian faith. To this end, all boys take public examination courses in Religious Studies, a knowledge and understanding of Catholic belief is supported by all aspects of the curriculum.

GCSE Results

2019 Level 2 (GCSE) Performance
100% achieved 5 GCSE pass grades, including English and Maths
81% achieved 5+ A*-C grades
67% achieved 5+ A* – C grades including English and Maths

This year we have achieved 100% pass rate at the 5 GCSE, including English and Maths boundary. The number of students achieving 5 A*- C (or equivalent in the new grading structure of five passes at grade 9 to 4) was 81%. 11% of all the grades gained are in the highest grade range.

At De La Salle we take boys of all abilities. As such our results have a much wider spectrum of ability being shown than the schools we are most often compared to.

To allow ease of comparison between the old and the new GCSE grading system an A* grade is equivalent to a new grade 8 and a C grade is equivalent to a new grade 4.

A Level Results

2019 Level 3 (A Level and BTEC) Performance
19% were pass grades at A* or A and (Distinction* or Distinction at BTEC)
70% were pass grades at A* to C and (D*, D and Merit at BTEC)
98% were pass grades at A* to E and (D*, D, M and Pass at BTEC)

I am pleased with the performance of the boys this year. We are the only boys sixth form that offers a range of Level 3 qualifications, that is A level, BTEC and TECH level qualifications. 19% of all the grades gained are in the highest grade range. In our other two statistics overall 98% of examinations taken were pass grades and 70% were C/Merit or higher.

Lower School
The Lower School curriculum is for boys in Years 7 & 8. We offer boys a curriculum of considerable breadth that includes: Art; Music; Mathematics; Physical Education; Swimming; Competitive Team Sports (Games); Religious Studies; English; Library & Reading; History; Geography; French; Information Technology; Science and Design & Technology. At the end of Year 8 boys select the subjects that they will continue to study at GCSE level.

Upper School

The Upper School curriculum begins at the end of Year 8. All boys take a core curriculum together with five options. Boys study English; Mathematics, Physics; Chemistry; Biology and Religious Studies. They can opt for five subjects from Art; Design and Technology; Economics; Drama; Computing; Spanish; Music; Sport; French; History and Geography. This broad academic base prepares boys to select from a wide range of A level subjects.

6th Form
In Years 12 & 13 we offer a programme of BTECs; AS and A levels in the belief that such a curriculum will best cater for the interests of the whole student body. At BTEC we offer Level 3 Extended Diploma’s in Applied Science, Business Studies and Sports Studies. Also at Level 3 we offer the Extended Certificate in ICT and the Extended Certificate in Computing. At AS and A level there is a broad range of subjects available: Art; DT; Mathematics; Sports Science; English Literature; English Language; Religious Studies; Sociology; Psychology; Photography; Geography; History; Biology; Chemistry and Physics all of which are delivered at De La Salle. Music; Music technology; French; Spanish; Drama and Performing Arts are also available delivered by our Consortia partners at Victoria College; Jersey College for Girls and Beaulieu Convent School.

De La Salle College has a fine reputation for its sporting achievements at county, regional and national level and the school takes great pride in offering a broad range of sporting opportunities for all pupils, irrespective of their abilities. The most important aim of our sports programme is to cover the needs of all the boys, giving the opportunity to unlock potential and maximise performance.

This is achieved by providing the time, the best facilities and equipment, expert coaching and a highly competitive internal and external annual fixture programme including our overseas sporting tours.

Sixth Form
Business suit, shirt, tie & Smart shoes.
Click for image

Senior School
School blazer and grey trousers.
White shirt and school tie (With house coloured stripe).
V-necked school pullover.
Dark coloured socks.
Black leather shoes. Click here for suitable school shoes
Not boots or black leather trainers.
Outdoor coat and school scarf.
(Summer Term: boys are not required to wear a blazer but they CANNOT wear a school jumper as an alternative).

PE Kit
House coloured polo shirt, white shorts and white socks.
Sports trainers. Click for image
Blue or black swimming shorts, goggles and towel.

Games Kit Click for Image
Blue school tracksuit and sports trainers.
Blue rugby shirt (House couloured stripe) and blue shorts.
Blue football socks, shin pads and mouth guard.
Football Boots – Must have moulded studs. Click for image

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