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  • Junior School


    I would like to welcome you to the De La Salle Primary School website.
    Ours is a happy, thriving school where the boys learn both the academic skills and the personal qualities which will serve them well throughout their life. As a key part of De La Salle College we are proud of our traditions of providing a non-selective all-round education, a clear Christian foundation based on Lasallian values, a curriculum tailored to the needs and talents of boys, and an environment in which we celebrate our boys’ successes in whatever field they excel.Key to the boys’ success is our focus on providing a friendly, supportive environment where they can approach the challenges and opportunities we provide with confidence. With smaller classes and a caring, talented staff team, the boys make good progress and achieve well academically and in sports, music, art and other areas of school and Island life.

    We share the same De La Salle College site as the Senior School. This has many benefits, providing the boys with continuity as they move from Primary to Secondary, excellent role-models, and access to the specialist staff and facilities of the Senior School.

    As an Old Boy of the College myself (and the son of an Old Boy, and the Dad of a current pupil) I know from experience the benefits of a De La Salle education. Please enjoy the website and feel free to contact the College if you wish to discuss how De La Salle Primary School can contribute to your son’s education.

    Gary Coutanche
    Headteacher of the Primary School

    Academic Life

    At De La Salle we take boys of all abilities. There is no entrance exam and we are a non-selective school, unlike some of the schools we are compared to. Within our school there is a range of academic ability. CAT scores for the Year 6 2013-14 cohort indicate an average CAT score of 101 (nationally, an average student = 100).

    Assessment is based on a combination of tests and teacher assessment.

    Year 6 2013 – 14 Cohort
    LEVEL 4+ (Level 4 is expected standard for average student at the end of Year 6)
    Reading = 95%
    Writing = 87%
    English = 91%
    Maths = 91%
    Progress since Year 2 of 2+ levels (expected progress between Y2-Y6)
    Reading = 100%
    Writing = 100%
    English = 100%
    Maths = 98%

    Year 2 2013-14
    LEVEL 2+ (Level 2 is expected standard for average student at the end of Year 2)
    Reading = 95%
    Writing = 90%
    Maths = 100%


    As of September, we are launching our own Nursery for the year before reception.
    More details to follow......


    Junior School
    School blazer and grey trousers.
    White shirt and school tie.
    V-necked school pullover and school cap.
    Dark coloured socks.
    Black leather shoes (not boots or black leather trainers but a traditional school shoe).
    Outdoor coat and school scarf.
    (Summer Term: boys are not required to wear a blazer but they CANNOT wear a school jumper as an alternative.

    PE Kit
    White Tee/polo shirt and white shorts.
    White socks and sports trainers.
    Blue or black swimming shorts, goggles and towel (year 3 only).

    Games Kit
    Blue school tracksuit and sports trainers.
    Blue & White "Quatered" rugby shirt and blue shorts.
    Blue football socks, shin pads and mouth guard.
    Football boots (Only moulded studs permitted).

    Redvers - 01534 731707
    JSSK School Suppliers - 01534 742649
    Lyndale Sports - 01534 862411
    Graham Le Maistre Sports - 01534 733429

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