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    The primary goal of De La Salle College is to enable students to integrate their faith with their daily living. Through the classroom and pastoral programmes the students’ experiences are examined in the light of faith. Part of this provision will be to ensure that all students have access to a language in which the meaning of Religion can be tested. All members of the College community participate in this religious formation in which the College’s Christian foundation is understood inclusively. Thus, the religious life of the College is the responsibility of everyone involved in it. The Ministry Team and Religious Education Department are particular expressions of the religious mission of the College; they serve as models and provide resources for the community so that the College’s mission may be the better accomplished.

    The Headmaster is the spiritual leader of the College. It is his responsibility to apply the College’s resources so that the staffing, organization and pastoral and religious programmes contribute positively to the religious ethos of the College.

    The Ministry Team is responsible for the development and support of the liturgical life of the College, but should seek to engage all members of the community in its activity.

    The teachers of Religion have a particular responsibility to pass on to students the teachings of the Church and to facilitate the integration of faith into their daily lives. The schemes of work for the Religious department should express the inclusiveness of our Lasalian tradition.

    Christian art and liturgical symbols should be concrete manifestations of the religious values of the College and should be visible.

    All staff have a responsibility through their own respect for the religious life of the College to act as examples for students.

    The attitude of respect for Religion extends to persons and the surrounding environment. It is made evident in their relationships and interactions with others and in their care for the College, its property and its grounds.

    Eucharistic celebrations are central to the College’s life.

    Parents are encouraged to engage with the religious life of the College.

    Students, staff and the wider College community are encouraged to seek ways of turning faith into action, through volunteer programmes, service to College and community and through projects that direct assistance to people who need it.