Arrangements for Snow Closure

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am sure that you will have noted, on the weather forecasts this weekend, that there is a prediction of snow to fall overnight tonight and overnight on Wednesday night.

The Jersey Meteorological Department has today issued a yellow warning, with small accumulations of snow expected between now and Wednesday with the worst snow showers remaining north of the Island.

It seems likely that Jersey will miss severe snow accumulation in the early part of the week, but we will need to wait until later in the week for news on snowfall on Wednesday night. However, these warnings raise the possibility that it could be dangerous to use the roads to travel into school. Where this has occurred in the past the police will make a decision on whether it is better for drivers to only travel on the roads if absolutely necessary. This in turn will result in a decision to close the Islands Schools. Normally the local media will report the closure of Schools. As Head of College I must balance the desire to open the school as normal, with my responsibility to ensure that the site is safe and that sufficient staff will be able to make it into school in order to safely supervise children who attend. I will make my decision on whether to close the College by 07.00. If I decide to close the College I will alert the local media and I will endeavour to send an email advising you that we are closed for the day. This information will also be placed on our website.

At this stage the forecasts appear to be predicting snowfall overnight. However, in the unlikely event that there is severe snowfall during the day that necessitates a closure, we will contact you by email advising that the College is closing. Primary pupils will follow the advice that we have received previously regarding students being collected from school. With regards Secondary students, unless we have been advised to the contrary, boys will be allowed to make their own way home. (If you would like to advise us of any amendments to these snow closure arrangements for your son – please email ). Please be assured that staff will remain at school until all boys are collected or have left to make their own way home.

I hope that it will not be necessary to make the decision to close the College, however, with snow being predicted I thought it useful to prepare you for the possibility. May I thank you in advance for your support and patience in this matter.

Kind regards,

Jason Turner.
Head of College.